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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plow Day?
A Plow Day is a fun-filled day of scheduled events on a host farmer's land, serving to help farmers remember and practice early farming methods, while educating the public about them.

Why are Plow Days held?
Plow Days are generally scheduled with the following objectives in mind:  
1.  To prepare the host farmer's land for the planting of crops
2.  To encourage and support those who maintain family farms
3.  To help people see, experience, and understand how farm work was carried out in days past
4.  To exercise and train farm animals
5.  To strengthen the skills of teamsters in working with their animals
6.  To provide an opportunity for the attendees to socialize in a family-friendly atmosphere

Who may attend Plow Days?
Anyone may attend.  Plow Days are open to the general public.

Is it appropriate to bring children to a Plow Day?
Absolutely!  Plow Days are organized to be enjoyed by the young and old alike.  Many Plow Days have special activities just for children.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the care and safety of their children during all Plow Day activities.

What is the cost of attending a Plow Day?
Attendance is free, but there are charges for concessions.

What can I expect to see or experience at a Plow Day besides the plowing of the land?
Each Plow Day is unique.  You may see displays of antique cars, antique tractors, and/or other antique farm equipment.  You may be able to see demonstrations of various kinds of antique machinery.  Free wagon rides may be offered.  There may be animal shows, children's activities, live music, games, and concessions.  

Where are Plow Days held?
They are held on the private land of farmers who volunteer to serve as hosts.

How can I find out when and where Plow Days will be held?
Many people learn of Plow Days through word-of-mouth or local advertisements.  We will provide links to other sites which will give dates and locations of Plow Days throughout the U.S. and Canada as we receive permission to do so.

Why do some Plow Days include plowing by tractors while others do not?
Though some Plow Days include plowing by both work animals and tractors or by tractors alone, many feature plowing by animal power only.  The activities of any particular Plow Day are determined by the resources, interests, and needs of the host and participants.  The amount and layout of the host farmer's land has a bearing on what takes place during a Plow Day.  For example, a Plow Day which includes plowing with both animals and tractors requires a larger amount of land than one which includes only one of these methods since the animals have to be separated from the tractors.  

Are competitive events ever held on Plow Days?
Yes, some Plow Days include competitive plowing.  As with other competitions, specific rules and objectives are firmly established, and judges are appointed to weigh performance against predetermined criteria.  This criteria may include such things as depth of the furrow, evenness of the entry and exit of each plowed row, and quality of coordination of the animals with the driver and with one another.

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